Our Purpose

To foster familial relationships among all Aros in the Tri-state area, and at home.

To seek and support the wellbeing of all members.

To develop and implement plans for the progress of Arochuhwu.

To relate and collaborate with other Aro organizations in the United States and at home.

To uphold and promote the Aro culture.

To encourage mutual respect, communication and understanding amongst members, and to uphold the dignity of all individuals.

To teach and encourage our children to learn and assimilate our culture.

About Us
How we operate ...
As a community of brothers, sisters and friends, we meet whenever the occasion warrants.
We meet to celebrate a child birth; we meet to celebrate a college graduation; we meet
to support ourselves when a tragedy such as a death calls. These notwithstanding, we do
dedicate some times as formal meeting times.Our meetings are held during the last weekend
of every month. Traditionally, the host chooses whether to hold the meeting on the last
Saturday or last Sunday of the month.However, over the past few years, the meetings have
defaulted to being held on the last Saturday of every month. Part of the reason is that
our meetings have often turned into social events very often lasting into the early hours
of the following day. This makes Saturday the day of choice allowing members a Sunday rest
before returning to work on Monday.We continue to work hard at minimizing the impact of
the so called CPT (Colored People's Time) syndrome. But there is no doubt that this is
an area that we continue to struggle at. Our meetings are officially slated to
hold from 6pm to 10pm.
Where Our Meetings are Held
Unlike many other similar organizations who meet at rented venues, we have chosen to
meet at the residence of members on a rotating calendar. This accentuates the "home"
environment we long for and allows us "to feel at home" amongst ourselves once a month.
As a member once observed: "For the past twenty working days, I have been working
very hard and doing whatever it takes to survive in America. I have smiled at work
even while burning inside. Once it is the last Saturday of the month, I just want
to forget it and recharge for the coming month. I want to smile and mean it. That's
really what our meetings have become. A powerful social support network. It has matured
into a social/economic insurance for us; it has transformed into a powerful forum to
focus our help to our people at home. In several pages on this website, we have described
some of these activities in detail. We hope you will spend sometime browsing through the
pages and providing us any feedback you may have.
Business Structure

Although we a community of brothers, sisters and friends, we realize the importance

of structure. Every odd numbered year, we elect some in our midst as officers to guide

us for a two-year period. We hold our election for the various offices during the month

of June meeting of an election year. You will find our current officers on this page.

These are, of course, uncompensated positions. These people actually serve in the true

sense of the word.

Our Current Officers:

Nzuko Aro NY/NJ/CT Officers
June 2008 to June 2010

Mazi Emma Chijioke President
Ada-Mazi Cecilia Nwufoh Vice President
Nwa-Mazi Anicho Okoro Secretary
Mazi Enyinnaya Ogbonnaya Assistant Secretary
Mazi Ogb Kanu Okoro Financial Secretary
Mazi Didacus Nwosu Treasurer
Ada-Mazi Chinyere Odinakachi Social/ Public Secretary
Mazi Kanu C. Okoro Provost

Annual Dinner